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Pleasantville RPG is only looking for members who will commit to their characters on a long term basis. If you feel like you want to join, then we welcome you to Pleasantville. Please fill out the application questions below and submit your application in our submit box.  

Feel free to ask us questions through our Tumblr ask box or by emailing us at: 

Enjoy your stay in Pleasantville!


If you wish to submit an original character, please leave a message in our ask. We welcome all suggestions.

Application Form- 

Your name:
Desired Character:
Extra Information: (hobbies, gender, dislikes, likes)
How often you plan to participate:

Anything you want to change about character:

Why did this character catch your attention? Why do you want to play them?
Sample Paragraph(s):  (must be 2+, in requested character)


Pleasantville Town Committee 

Note: If multiple applications are sent in the best will be chosen.  If your application is rejected, don’t give up!  Keep trying and you’re bound to find a character that we feel suits you the best.  However, if your personality happens to coincide with a specific character of ours, we will match you up to them.

All face claims are set and if you would like to change them, please request that in your application.  However, your request may not be accepted.